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December: Product Spotlight

Updated: Dec 2, 2018


For our December Product Spotlight... I am introducing you to (if you haven't already heard of) the most amazing shoe you will ever own: "The Stylish Flat That's Secretly a Slipper."

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In the interior--designer--world, what we wear is important. We have to look the part. And our shoes, cannot be an afterthought... With that said, a stylish shoe is a must but because most of us are on our feet all day, SO is comfort. About 4 months ago, I decided to purchase my first pair of BIRDIES. AND OH MY LANTA. They are amazing. Not only are they great to look at but they are BY FAR the most comfortable flat I have ever worn. And I've worn A LOT of flats.

The difference between Birdies and so many other flats out there comes down to their unique "7 Layers of exclusive comfort technology." I know, you're probably thinking, well what does that mean exactly? And the truth is, I can't really tell you.. All I CAN tell you is that those 7 layers, WORK. They offer two insole options: quilted satin or faux fur and every pair of Birdies comes with rubber soles for indoor and outdoor traction and wearability. These shoes are like a godsend for any woman that is constantly on the go but wants to look good doing her thing. So basically, every woman? ;)

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Quick background on this amazing company:

Birdies was started by two women, Bianca and Marisa, who clearly know exactly what they're doing when it comes down to making shoes and creating a successful brand. They have quickly gained a large following and have even started collaborating with other designers to create special collections.

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At the moment, Birdies offers 5 different styles in several different colors, fabrics and patterns. Their special designer collaboration collection is with none other than KEN FULK, a legendary interior designer. If you head to their site soon, they may even have some of their festive (& FAST SELLING) holiday collection left!

I realize shoes can be tough to buy online... But don't worry- these shoes run true to size and the long list of positive reviews on each style should help reassure you! Birdies will honestly change your life. So just do it. You will thank yourself as soon as you put them on, TRUST ME.

Thank you Birdies for changing my long designer days and for making all my outfits look that much better. xoxo


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