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NOVEMBER: Product Spotlight


We are starting something new!

Every month, we will spotlighting a home/lifestyle/decor product that we LOVE! This month's spotlight has to do with three things that I am REALLY passionate about:

Sleep, hair & skin care.

We all know how important quality bedding is for our beauty sleep... And as a designer, I have seen TONS of amazing and luxurious bedding, but I must say, these Madison & White pillowcases take the cake!

Not only do they add a polished look to any bedding ensemble, but they are SUPER beneficial to our hair AND skin! I was not aware of how damaging cotton pillow cases were to our skin and hair.. until I starting sleeping with these. They are made from ultra soft, satin that actually reduce friction so that our hair and skin glide smoothly across the pillowcase while we sleep. This means no more hair damage, longer lasting blow outs, and NO MORE sleep wrinkles! I can honestly tell you that these pillowcases have made a significant change (for the better) to my morning bed head.

If you haven't yet heard of Madison & White, PLEASE check out their website. Your skin and hair will thank you! And your bed will look amazing too ;) We, at Life Styled, are officially believers that "Beauty Starts in Bed."

This is not an endorsement. This is my honest response to some really successful results.

Oh and yes, I am 100% sporting pink lipstick in bed.

To all Portsmouth, NH locals: You can purchase all of Madison & White's pillowcase collections at Making Faces, located at 100 S Albany St, Portsmouth, NH 03801.


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